About Us

Creator and Founder Candice Cruz had a vision 14 years ago while working for a chemical plant. She chased that vision and worked for it until her cosmetic launch in November of 2015. Within those years of failed attempts, nothing could stop her vision or dreams. Candice launched BUtiful by Candice® with just her own savings, part-time odd jobs and all the while holding a 9-5.
The single mother of two boys and the founder of Hands Off, INC nonprofit, left little and no time to pursue her dreams but yet determined found a way. It was only her faith in God that Candice was able to make her dream a reality with no loans and no investors.
BUtiful by Candice®  teaches women that true beauty resonates from the inside out and no matter who you are you're BUtiful. Created for ambitious go-getters filled with passion and purpose, we pride ourselves on bringing out your natural beauty while adding spice to your look. 

The BUtiful by Candice® concept strongly encourages survivors of Domestic Abuse, Human Trafficking, Dating Violence , and survivors of all forms of abuse. No matter the level or degree of abuse you are still BUtiful.
We have an exciting "give back" program to assist non-profit organizations making a difference in the lives of women. Our products are Gluten-free, Cruelty-free and Paraben-free. Less invasive ingredients are used. Anti-oxidants and vitamins in selected products makes for a better choice and smoother application.

You can send us a profile of your non-profit organization and bi-monthly we will choose one to assist. Send us an email and we will contact you if selected.
Please send us your profile and questions to