Kiss Slavery Bye

We are so excited to announce the #KissSlaveryBye campaign in collaboration with Florida Abolitionist to help stop human trafficking! Men, women, and children are bought and sold for sex and forced into slave labor but together, we can #KissSlaveryBye! 

FREEDOM RED is an exclusive lipstick that is dedicated from our HD Liquid Matte Lipstick line specifically for the cause.

• Your purchase will help stop human trafficking! Visit FREEDOM RED to pre-order your purchase and all proceeds will go directly to Florida Abolitionist to assist their efforts to prevent human trafficking and provide care to victims.

• We encourage you to spread awareness by wearing FREEDOM RED and post pictures with #KissSlaveryBye on social media. Invite your friends to join the movement. Pucker Up to stop human trafficking!


Heartbreaking Reality:

• There are over 40 Million slaves in our world today according to the International Labor Organization.

• There are hundreds of thousands of human trafficking victims in the United States.

• Florida ranks #3 in the nation for calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

For more information about human trafficking and Florida Abolitionist visit